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Careers: Getting Involved in Entertainment

Most people want to have an exciting, glamorous job, and many people think that entertainment careers are a great way to do it. When you are entertaining or involved in entertainment, going to work every day might seem much more like play than work. Even if you are not the entertainment, if you are involved in the entertainment industry, you are still close enough to the bright lights and action to make you feel like you are right in the middle of it. There are many entertainment careers to choose from, whether you have any special talents (like singing or acting) or not.

Entertainment Careers and Your Options

Some of the most obvious and well-known entertainment careers are also some of the hardest to break into. Acting, singing, and dancing are all glamorous careers in the entertainment industry that many children grow up dreaming of. However, getting involved in these careers or catching one of the perfect—but limited—opportunities can be difficult and take serious dedication and sacrifice.

In many situations, it is all dependent on who you know. If you know the right people, you can probably do anything you want, regardless of whether you have any talent or not. There is still hope, though, even if you do not know someone influential or important—you just have to compensate for the initial disadvantage with increased personal effort. If you are really serious about making a name for yourself in any of these areas, your best bet is to move to where it all happens, which oftentimes means California.

If you have a desire to be involved in the entertainment industry without actually doing the entertaining yourself, you also have many options, and they are easier to take advantage of. Consider entertainment television shows that focus exclusively on what is happening in Hollywood, in music, with the stars, etc. Entertainment magazines like _People_ or other publications can also keep you close to the alluring entertainment scene. In these cases, look for internship opportunities to help give you your start and gain some valuable experience.

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