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Internships: Ways to Get Started in Entertainment

Entertainment internships are a great way to break into the competitive industry and gain experience on the ground floor. Entertainment is a very diverse industry that includes many different kinds of jobs and provides opportunities for people with a number of skills. Although it is best if you have contacts or "know someone" in the business, it is still possible to find a career and/or internship dealing with entertainment if you are willing to work for it. Generally internships are unpaid; if you are lucky enough to receive some pay or a stipend, it is usually very low due to lack of experience. However, it is a great opportunity that can pave the way into a future entertainment career because it can help you gain experience, network with people, and learn essential skills.

Entertainment Internships: Planning Your Search

The first thing to do when considering entertainment internships is to isolate a specific area on which you want to focus your search. Although you do not have to limit yourself to one only specific area, it is a good idea to narrow your search to a few key interests so that you can focus your efforts more effectively. If you are unsure which area of entertainment appeals to you most, do some preliminary research. Look online or in trusted publications to find out exactly what kinds of positions the entertainment industry has to offer.

Once you know the general direction in which you want to go, start planning how you will proceed. Searching the web is always a good way to find potential internships, especially with the entertainment industry. Check on web sites that you know focus on entertainment news, and see if they have suggestions or openings. It is also a good idea to visit your local library and take advantage of the resource books there. There are yearly books published by respected organizations, such as the Princeton Review, that collect and compile information about all the available internships is various fields for a specific year. These books are indispensable resources because they provide job descriptions, contact information, requirements to apply, etc. If you are willing to do the work to find the internships, actually securing a position is probably less difficult than you imagined.

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