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Entertainment Inclusion of Violence

Entertainment violence has been a topic of controversy and discussion for years. The Columbine tragedy made entertainment violence an even bigger headline in the news as people began to blame violence seen on television for many of young people’s actions. Although there are severe arguments and disagreements about the exact impact of entertainment violence on children, the topic never seems to run out of steam. It is always in conflict with the arguments for free speech, and many people cannot reach a compromise between the two. It is agreed that entertainment violence does have some effect on the actions and behavior of children, but what is not agreed upon is whether or not that effect is significant enough to warrant limits on free speech.

Learning about Entertainment Violence

The epidemic of entertainment violence has really become a serious concern because it is so prevalent and accessible to all ages. The problem is that many parents do not have the time or commitment to continually monitor their children’s viewing habits, so children have free access to most TV programs and movies, whether they are age appropriate or not. Even programs that are designed for a young viewing audience still often have more violence than is recommended for children. Cartoons often feature dramatic fights between space villains or heroes and bombs and weapons, among other violent aspects.

Video games are an especially pertinent example of entertainment violence. The violence shown in many video games has been so intense that video games now require maturity ratings and must expressly note what kinds of activities the video games depict. The violence and related activities often seen in video games cause many children to mimic those actions and act in inappropriate ways. Children begin to believe that these actions are not only socially acceptable but also exciting and cool.

If you are interested in finding out more information about entertainment violence and what is being done to help prevent its negative effects on children, there are many different resources and articles that discuss the issue. In addition to many magazines, especially ones that focus on parenting issues, you can find a wealth of information on the web.

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